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From The Training Officer’s Desk – June 15th, 2021

Cadets and Parents/Guardians of 655 RCACS,

What an interesting year it has been indeed! I would like to take the time to thank all of the Cadets for participating in our virtually delivered training program this year. The level of dedication to keep showing up, keep involved, and keep advancing as young followers and leaders has not gone unnoticed. Congratulations to everyone on completing your training for this year.

A big thank you goes to the senior cadets who helped make this year a success, and in particular to WO2 Pius Lau and (now aged out) WO1 Janice Chan, who were my go to Training Warrants. They had a huge role in coordinating the implementation and rollout of the new virtual program. In addition, 2Lt Hans Choi was instrumental as the Assistant Training Officer who had the tall task of running the day to day operations and putting out any fires that came up! I also recognize the support and tireless work put in by all of the cadet instructors, some of whom have never taught before, who had to adapt to a completely new form of lesson planning and delivery. Bravo Zulu to all!

While we wrap up all our activities locally in anticipation of summer, I would like to remind all cadets who signed up to participate or staff either Summer Virtual Cadet Training (VCTC) or the Summer Cadet Activity Program (CAP) to keep checking their emails to see if their applications have been accepted. We have begun to receive acceptances already, so keep checking! If you have questions regarding summer training activities, be sure to email

Lastly, while we do not have official guidance on the return to in-person regular training, we remain hopeful we can see each other again in September. The Training Department will be focused on ensuring our return to in-person training goes smoothly, making sure that we maintain and enhance the strong standards 655 is known for, and developing a strategy to ensure that every cadet receives the training they may have missed this year.

I look forward hopefully seeing everyone in the fall. Stay tuned to the 655 Richmond RCACS Facebook page and to the squadron website for updates, and also keep in touch with your chain of command.

Have a great summer!

Captain Oliver Xie

Training Officer | 655 Richmond RCACS

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