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What is the Air Cadet program?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program offers a nationally recognized program to all youths aged 12 - 18. The Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program has 3 aims:


  • To develop Citizenship skills in youth,

  • To promote Physical Fitness; and,

  • To instill interest in the Air Element.

Royal Canadian Air Cadets participate in a variety of engaging and challenging activities that include:

Most importantly, Air Cadets aids in developing knowledge of Canadian history and democracy. The cadet program focuses on social development, decision-making, and leadership. As cadets acquire skills and knowledge, they pass it along to younger generations.


655 Richmond RCACS has proudly upheld the mandate and traditions of this fantastic program for over 50 years. With approximately 200 youths actively involved, 655 Richmond proves that through participation and comradery, youth can accomplish amazing things.


655 Richmond's dedicated group of officers, civilian instructors, and parent volunteers are excited to provide this opportunity to all qualified applicants. We look forward to meeting you!

our vision

our values


At 655 Richmond, we believe that Cadets is a cadet-run program. As such, we have an extremely talented Leadership Team that helps bring such a program to success.

We have an extremely dedicated group of individuals who strive to bring the best program to our youth. Our supporting staff consists of Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers, Parent Volunteers, and Civilian Instructors.


We have a diverse training program that aims to develop our youth and equip them with the skills they need, as well as provide them with long-lasting memories. Teams and extra-curricular activities such as flying opportunities are offered within our squadron.





To encourage the pursuit of self-enrichment in search of the common excellence.


reinvent the norm

Re-in-vent (/ˌrēinˈvent/)

Change (something) so much that it appears

to be entirely new.

655 is well-known for being ambitious. We aspire to do more and to do it better-- to step outside of the pre-existing bounds, and to look sharp while we’re at it. With over sixty years behind us, it would be easy to fall into convention. However, at 655 Richmond, we choose to put a new twist on the old hat. We embrace creativity; we create legacies; we foster TRAILBLAZERS.

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