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Our Training Program

Here at 655, we strive to provide the most inspiring program to our youth. As part of "Canada's Best Kept Secret", we provide the guidance and opportunities that youth need to succeed in the real world. By developing leadership and management skills in them early, our cadets have shown the country what the youth of today can bring to the table.


Read below to find out more about how we deliver the best!

Regular Training

On our regular parade nights, our cadets go through interactive lessons to boost their skills in leadership and communication, aviation, general cadet knowledge, citizenship, and other technical skills. This is where the bulk of their training comes from.


At 655, we push beyond the standard program to emphasize teamwork, effecitive speaking, and event coordination. Additionally, with our mentorship program, we ensure that no cadet gets left behind.

Survival Training

Survival training prepares cadets for disaster scenarios in the wilderness. Through these simulated training exercises, we teach our cadets discipline and the grit required to survive.


On these exercises we teach them how to build a fire and shelter, and gather food and water. Additionally, we give them the skills to signal for help, perform map and compass, and train their endurance through hiking.


655's band, Tiger Flight, is a high-performing, highly regarded youth marching band. They professionally serve the squadron both on regular nights and on public parades.


Our band has won multiple awards for their sound and precision, and has often been relied upon by other community organizations for their musical talents.

Aviation Training

As "Air" Cadets, 655 spends a large focus on developing aviation and air nautical skills within our youth to help them pursue careers in the aviation field. Throughout the year, we provide multiple opportunities for cadets to participate in flying Gliders (non-powered aircraft), as well as Familiarization Flying.


Additionally, we provide Ground School tutoring for those who want to pursue their Pilot's License through our Flying Scholarships.

Summer Training

Cadets have the opportunity to get PAID to LEARN at our Summer Training Centres! The cadets can go develop their skills in courses dedicated to helping our youth grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.


These diverse courses range from 2-week beginner courses, to 3-week interemediate courses, and then to 6-week senior courses.


For more information see the following link here.


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Drill Team

Drill teams are a time honored tradition that not only exemplifies a squadron's drill, dress, and deportment, but also its commitment to the highest of standards. 


Our Drill Team has strongly upholded one of the highest standards in BC. 655 currently is honoured with the title of Provincial Champions.

First-Aid Team

We offer optional First-Aid training for all cadets wanting to achieve their Emergency First-Aid or Standard First-Aid qualifications. This training is delivered locally by certified St. John's Ambulance instructors.


Additionally, our squadron offers additional training through both our Junior and Senior First-Aid teams. These teams test their problem-solving and first-aid skills in a regional competition every spring.

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Air Cadets provides training in both recreational and Olympic-style Biathlon range training. All cadets have the opportunity to develop their marksmanship abilities with the Daisy Air Rifle, and even earn qualification badges.

Effective Speaking

Our Effective-Speaking program develops powerful presentations skills in our cadets. With extensive workshops for both impromptu and prepared speeches, we prepare our cadets for instructor and leadership roles within the squadron and community.


Additionally, cadets have the opportunity to join our Competitive Effective Speaking program where successful candidates are able to compete in regional, provincial, and even national competitions.

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