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(Staff Cadets)

Staff cadets are the NCOs of the Cadet Training Centres. A staff cadet can assist the officer staff with the instruction and supervision of cadets, or might be tasked in an administrative or logistical support role. Rank and pay for staff cadets depend upon the position; this is usually determined during a pre-course training and evaluation period. This is considered an advanced training course, where staff cadets develop important leadership skills.


Staff cadets may not be less than 16 years of age as of the first day of January of the year of advanced training. Staff cadets must have completed level 4 training prior to the summer. 

Eligible Staff Cadet CTC Locations. Priority goes toward in region cadets.

1) Vernon CTC

2) Quadra CTC

3) Technology and Digital Learning Centre

4) Cold Lake CTC

5) Rocky Mountain CTC

6) HMCS Ontario CTC

7) Blackdown CTC

8) Trenton CTC

For Pacific Region, most of our cadets will go to Vernon CTC, Quadra CTC or Technology and Digital Learning Centre.

Staff Cadets Applications are due no later than 17 Mar 2024. If interested, please send an email to with your top 2 locations. For each location, please identify the ranking of the positions you would like to be considered for.

a. Training (Division/Platoon/Flight Staff in a Training Company);
b. Support (Operations, Administration, Supply, Cadet Correspondent, Canteen in 
various CTC support roles);
c. Senior Cadet Selection (CTC CPO1/CWO/WO1 or CPO2/MWO/WO2 positions).

RCSU Pacific is hosting the following online webinars for those that are looking for additional information on staffing this year : 

Agenda : 

Intro Eligibility to be a staff Cadet

Brief recap of general info from previous webinars (based on interest)

CTC Locations CTC Courses

How to apply or change your application

Pre-Course Details

Pay Details for each rank

Promotions Reference

Summer Camp Best Practises for Success and Mental Wellness (Breakout Discussion Activity)


Questions (60 mins)

1900hrs Tue 12 Mar 24

1800 hrs Wed 13 Mar 24

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