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Summer Training is an optional part of the Air Cadet Program. Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer training opportunities throughout their career. Summer training courses offer more in-depth study and experience in a variety of different subject areas and builds off of the training that is conducted at the Squadron. Air Cadets may apply for courses in physical fitness, drill and ceremonial, aviation, aviation technology, air crew survival, marksmanship and music. Summer courses progress in scope and difficulty, and the intermediate and advanced level courses require pre-requisites of completing certain training levels.

Summer training opportunities are dependent on the cadet's training level. For 2024, all summer training will be held either at CTCs or virtually, and will be available for Level 2+ cadets only.


Cadets that have completed Proficiency Level 3 will have opportunities to attend Cadet Training Centers in 2024. There are no costs to attend summer training, with transportation, lodging and meals being provided by the Department of National Defence. Cadets will be paid an allowance for each week of training in order to cover their incidental expenses.


All CTC courses are offered either 100% Virtual or through a hybrid model

Hybrid (EL + IH) : A course that is composed of a virtual training component and an in-house training component. (Training Bonus only applies to the in-house training component. All hybrid courses involves 1 week of virtual training prior to either 2 or 3 weeks of in person training, depending on course)

Virtual : Training will be completed online with no in person component

Courses Available

Level 2+

Introduction to Marksmanship

Introduction to Drill and Ceremonial

Introduction to Fitness and Sport

Introduction to Military Band

Introduction to Pipe Band

Aviation Technology and Aerospace

Introduction to Survival

Level 3+

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course (ARMI)

Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course (DCI)

Fitness and Sports Instructor Course (FSI)

Military Band Musician

Pipe Band Musician

Survival Instructor Course (SI)

Advanced Aviation

Cyber Safety and Security Team Leader

Support Services Team Leader

Small Craft Operator

Introduction to Microdone Operator

Nova Quest

Basic Coder

If interested in attending summer training in 2024, please completed this form by Thursday March 28, 2024 :

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