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655 Richmond COVID-19 Information Sheet

As of October 12, 2021

As we begin small in person training activities, we understand that there are concerns and questions with regards to steps that we will be taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our mandate is to ensure that the Cadet Program does not become a vector of transmission for COVID-19, and we will be adhering to the strictest health measures in place, whether directed nationally, or by Provincial Health Regulations, and we will continue to do so as we move forward through the pandemic.

  • All activities that are planned has gone through a strict approval process that require the approval of the Zone Training Officer, the Area Officer, and finally the approval from the Commander Officer of the Regional Cadet Support Unit.

  • All 655 staff members has completed a nationally required COVID 19 Awareness Course.

  • Indoor activities are limited by facility size (no larger than 50% capacity). The current capacity restriction at our LHQ (Sherman Armoury) is at 50 people limit. 2 metre distancing and mask mandate remaining for all indoor activities. We will use available space to spread people out as much as possible when allowed.

  • Outdoor activities are not limited by capacity, but we will be ensuring that 2 metre distancing and mask mandate remain for outdoor activities.

  • For all activities located at LHQ, there will be hand sanitating stations placed around Sherman Armoury. All cadets will be asked to wash their hands fully prior to consumption of any food.

  • All high frequency surfaces and touchpoints will be clean and disinfected frequently. This includes tables, chairs, doorknobs, handles, etc.

  • COVID-19 screening questionnaire and register are still applicable at activities. Please continue to monitor any symptoms using . We ask that any cadets/staff members that are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to self isolate and do not attend any in person cadet activities.

  • Cadets can continue to bring personal items to in person activities, but they should not be sharing items that come in contact with the mouth.

  • Any activities where food is provided, we will be ensuring that all cadets are receiving pre-packaged individual meals.

  • No unauthorized people are allowed into Sherman Armoury. Currently, we are asking that parents do not enter the building to ensure we are not breaching any capacity limits. Cadets can be dropped off in the parking lot and can be picked up after any in-person activities outside as well.

As of September 15, the CO of RCSU has announced that in accordance with the most updated information from our PHO, the Cadet Program does not fall within the activities that require proof of vaccination. Please note that Public Health strongly encourages anyone eligible above the age of 12 to be fully vaccinated (i.e., receive 2 doses) against COVID-19 to protect themselves and those around them including those who are not eligible to be vaccinated. This information is subject to change if/when new regulations are announced.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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