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Cadet Drop Off And Parking

As a reminder to all parents and cadets, please ensure that parking/drop off instructions are being followed. We want to ensure that traffic flow into and out of the parking lot is not slowed down, leading to disruption of traffic on No 4 Road.

  1. Cadet drop off is only allowed in the entrance further away from Alderbridge Way. Parents should drive Northbound on No 4 Road from Westminster Hwy so that vehicles are only turning RIGHT into the entrance.

  2. Upon arriving, please follow the traffic flow direction as indicated in the diagram below. When arriving, please park the vehicle in one of the spots in the large parking lot before dropping off the cadet.

  3. Please do not drop off any cadet in the middle of the road

  4. The smaller parking lots are used exclusively for officers, senior cadets and sponsoring committee directors and volunteers.

  5. When exiting the parking lot, please turn RIGHT only towards Alderbridge Way

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