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Cadet Correspondence Course

Cadet Correspondents are an important resource in engaging corps and squadrons in telling the Cadet Program. They are also a vital component to conducting effective public affairs at area, regional and national events, including Cadet Training Centres (CTCs).

RCSU Pacific will organize two serials of Cadet Correspondent Courses to be delivered online with a maximum of 45 participants in each serial for a total of 90 participants.

Cadet Correspondent Courses are delivered virtually through Cadet365 over a three-week period. Course work is primarily self-directed, with an online tutorial offered twice per week to provide instruction, feedback, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Requirements for Participation. Cadets shall :

a. Be a minimum rank of FCpl

b. Completed Level 2 or higher training

c. Interested in media production and interviewing.

d. Have A Cadet365 account (we will provide access if needed)

e. Have web access and a device capable of streaming audio and video

Timings (Choose One)

Serial 1 : 5 - 23 Februrary 2024 - Meeting Times of Mon & Tues  OR Wed & Thurs

Serial 2 : 26 Februrary - 15 March 2024 - Meeting Times of Mon & Tues  OR Wed & Thurs

Registration Deadline

Serial 1 : 31 January 2024

Serial 2 : 20 February 2024

If interested, please send an email to

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