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Air Cadet League of Canada Post Secondary Scholarship

The Air Cadet League of Canada is pleased to offer post-secondary education scholarships to Royal Canadian Air Cadets.



A) Scholarships are open to students who are entering or pursuing their post-secondary education, and who are members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets on April 1st, 2024.

B) Scholarships are also open to past cadets entering their first year in post-secondary education who aged out of cadets because they reached 19 between April 2nd 2023 and April 1st, 2024.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, combined with outstanding performance as an Air Cadet, community involvement, and donor’s requirements.

The educational portion of the evaluation will be based on High School or Secondary V latest marks even if you are already at your first or second year of post-secondary education. A copy of the most recently available Transcript of Marks from either the High School, or from the Ministry of Education is required.


Some scholarships are offered to all cadets while some are restricted to cadets that will be studying in a specific field (e.g. Engineering, Science, Vocational, Aviation, Aerospace and others). Other scholarships are offered to cadets that belong to specific communities, such as aboriginal or visible minorities, or who meet other requirements, as stipulated by the donors.

Applicants must be graduating from the secondary school system (or equivalent), or already be registered at a university, college, CEGEP, technical institute or vocational program, of any Province or Territory, in the training year of application, and who are entering directly or continuing into a full program of studies at a fully-accredited post-secondary education facility (university, college, CEGEP, technical institute or vocational program), where the program undertaken leads to a degree, diploma, or professional or technical qualification;



Application form (ACC64) and supporting documents for all National Education Scholarships must be received, no later than April 1st, 2024 at the National Office of the Air Cadet League of Canada.

A statement of approximately 300 words outlining your career goals and aspirations. Explain why you wish to attend the institution you have chosen, and what benefits you will gain from post-secondary education.

A letter of recommendation from your Squadron’s Commanding Officer is required. A copy of the application in pdf format will automatically be sent to the Squadron Commander once the cadet has submitted it. We are asking the Commanding Officer to write a letter of recommendation including a statement to confirm that the cadet’s information is accurate. This letter must be uploaded while reviewing the application. The letter should be named according to the candidate's name as follows:

LastName_FirstName_CO_Recommendation and Confirmation Letter_NationalPost-SecondaryScholarships_2024.

A letter of support from the Chairperson of your Squadron' Sponsoring Committee is required. A copy of the application in pdf format will automatically be sent to the Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee Chair once the CO has submitted it. We are asking the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair to write a letter of recommendation. This letter must be uploaded while reviewing the application. The letter should be named according to the candidate's name as follows:

LastName_FirstName_SSC_Recommendation and Confirmation Letter_NationalPost-SecondaryScholarships_2024.

· Any other recommendations will be considered. i.e. School Principal, Department Head, or Counselor;

· Once the cadet submits the application form, the CO will receive a unique link by email to confirm / complete the information and provide a letter of reference. When this part is completed by the CO, the SSC Chair will also receive a unique link. Upon receipt of the SSC Chair's recommendation and recommendation letter, the process is complete. A confirmation email will be sent to you, your CO and SSC Chair.

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