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655 Richmond RCACS Post Secondary Scholarship 2024

655 Richmond Air Cadet Squadron is pleased to offer a $1,000 of post-secondary education scholarship award to the cadets of 655 Richmond Squadron. This scholarship is offered annually.

The award is open to any students that are members of 655 Richmond Air Cadet Squadron during the year of application, and they are awarded based on Secondary School scholastic achievement, combined with outstanding performance as an Air Cadet. This award may be split into two awards of $500 each only if there are two exceptional candidates meeting all the eligible criteria

Applicants must be graduates of the Secondary School (or equivalent) system of British Columbia, in the year of application, and who are entering directly into a full program of studies at a fully accredited post-secondary education facility (university, college or technical institute) where the program to undertaken leads to a degree, diploma, or professional or technical qualification.

Applicants must email the Chair of Sponsoring Committee ( by April 15th, 2024, in order to receive the Chair’s recommendation letter in time for application submission. There is a minimum of two (2) weeks processing time. Any email requests received after April 15th there will be no guarantee of receiving the recommendation letter before the application submission deadline.

Information to be provided: (Original and One Copy)

Data as requested on pages three (3), four (4) and five (5) of the application, including:

❑ A letter from the applicant providing an outline of career goals and objectives;

❑ A letter of recommendation from the Commanding Officer;

❑ A letter of recommendation from the Training Officer;

❑ A letter of recommendation from the Chairperson of Squadron Sponsoring Committee to confirm a) the applicant has paid the Assessment Fee in full for the current and all previous years and, b) the applicant has never received any (a full or shared) Sponsoring Committee Post-Secondary Scholarship in any previous years.

❑ A letter of recommendation from School Principal, Department Head, or Counselor;

❑ A copy of the most recently available Transcript of Marks from either the Secondary School, or from the Ministry of Education

Please allow for ample time if reference letters are required from the CO and TrgO (minimum 2 weeks)

Bursary Scholarship Application - 2024
Download PDF • 516KB

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