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#655AMA - Transferring Elements and Units

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our first #655ama Saturday Mailbox! This series features cadet/655 related questions submitted to us by our audience. Our Officer and Warrant team will then give our best opinion on them.

To submit your questions, fill out the short form here:

Or tweet us the question at @655richmond

This week our question is:

What are the steps to transfer to an Air unit from another element, and will I be able to keep my current rank?

First and foremost, it is completely possible to transfer elements (I.e. Sea Cadets to Air Cadets). The process is as follows:

1) Contact the unit you want to transfer to and ask the Administration Officer to assist with the transfer. They will need to be kept in the loop to on-board you through the Cadet Administration Software.

2) Inform your current Commanding Officer and Administration Officer about the transfer. They will need to send an email to the “transfer unit” Commanding Officer.

3) Once your current Admin Officer processes the paperwork online, and the “transfer unit” accepts and takes you on their strength, you are COMPLETELY TRANSFERRED.

Secondly, your current rank will be kept to the equivalent level of the new element. For example, if you are a Petty Officer 1st Class in Sea Cadets, you will be a Flight Sergeant in Air Cadets. Additionally, you will keep your Summer Training Badges, and whatever medals you may have earned in your original element.

And that's it!

Thank you for your support, and don't forget to ask us questions for next week!

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