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From the Training Officer's Desk 03/10/2013

September has just conculded and I could not be happier.

Although it has been a very hectic month with the Senior NCO Professional Development weekend, Battle of Britain Parade, and our Recruit Weekend, our cadets have proved themselves fantastically and have seized every opportunity to start this year right. Every minute I spend with 655 I have been approached by my cadets trying to initiate and plan different events. From extra-survival exercises, sports activities, and get togethers to even creating new training resources, It has been amazing to see.

I would like to take some time to specially mention a team of Senior and Junior NCOs who took the initiative to create a Squadron Handbook. This team of NCOs created an inspirational guide for young cadets with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the program. With uniform standards, deportment guidelines, and goal-setting tools it is truly one of the best resources available to our juniors!

With so much hype and activity in our first month, I can't wait to see what our cadets can bring in the upcoming months!

To Fly Above All. We're doing it!

Jonathan Leung


Training Officer

655 Richmond RCACS


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